Uvodo Version 2.0.3

We’ve fixed some bugs, developed new and updated some features🥳


⚡️It is possible to update Uvodo with composer

⚡️Theme Editor Add-On

⚡️Add WhatsApp to Social profiles
⚡️UI/UX: Pinned header on the top of the "create product" and "create collection" pages
⚡️UI/UX: Preview product in "create product" page:
⚡️Allowing restricted storefront by IP address to indicate the store is under construction:
⚡️Discord link added in admin dashboard for community

Bug Fixes:

🐞Fixed: "Country doesn't change in user account" in the storefront
🐞Fixed: "Discounted product price not matching with the ordered product price" in the order list and order detail page
🐞Fixed: "Product image not showing" in orders page
🐞Fixed: "Status label text typo" in the orders page corrected
🐞Fixed: Modals show as drawer in mobile
🐞Fixed: Stats chart in dashboard fixed for Firefox
🐞Fixed: "Cannot add $0 as a shipping fee"
🐞Fixed: "Save button is not activated when uploading image with URL" in edit collection page
🐞Fixed: "Product list scroll loading" fixed in the storefront
🐞Fixed: "Data loss occurs in legal page" page