Uvodo version 2.0.4

Improvements and Add-On:

  • Added Location Module
  • Added Inventory module
  • Added Packing Module for Shipping
  • Added Shipping Carrier plugins support to the Shipping Module
  • Added Order Tracking Details to orders detail

New theme:

  • Added a New Fashion theme

Uvodo Marketplace:

  • Uvodo plugin Marketplace on the admin dashboard. Uvodo marketplace allows merchants to download plugins needed for their online stores. In the Marketplace, you can find all the available plugins to download and add to your Uvodo store. Plugin Marketplace is under the Plugins page on admin dashboard. Marketplace section classifies plugins for design, payment, shipping, and others.
  • Added "Installed plugins" page under the Plugin page on the admin dashboard. It shows all the added plugins.

New plugins:

  • Mercado Pago payment gateway
  • "Buy On WhatsApp" button plugin
  • GDPR & cookie management plugin (cookie consent bar)
  • Amazon SES plugin
  • USPS carrier plugin


  • Admin UI Sidebar improvements
  • Settings UI design improvements