Uvodo Version 2.0.0

The long-awaited Uvodo Version 2.0.0 update is finally here and it's awesome!

Have a look at our updated Demo store:

⚡️Dashboard Page Add-On

New option to see Today's sales, Total sales, Total orders
New option to see Top products and Top costumers
New option to see Uvodo's latest Blog articles

⚡️Create product 

 New option to add collections to products on the create product page
 New option to add tags to products on the create product page
 New option to upload product images via media URL
 New option to set tax rate for products

⚡️Collections Page 

Create product collection
Option to upload media files to collections
Option to change collection status
Option to edit SEO Meta description, URL Handle, page title

     ⚡️Order page 
    New option - Filter orders: Filter your orders on the orders page
    New option - Sort orders: Sort your orders on the orders page

    New option to display storefront templates

    ⚡️Plugins page 
    Add new plugins, update, and activate or deactivate them

    ⚡️Payment methods
    Paypal, Stripe, Cash on delivery payments methods have been added

    New option to upload Storefront logo
    New option to upload Favicon
    New option to upload General social image

    New option to change language of Admin Dashboard

    Geo zones
    Create Geozones for shipping profiles and tax rate calculation for specific countries

    To check the software version, receive available updates, and update the software

    NEW! CANVAS template improvements
    The Jolly Sock template has been replaced to the Canvas template with major changes.

    Have a look at our updated Demo shop

    New option to display collections on the navigation menu
    New option to add tagline, headline, and CTA button on the banner of the home page
    New option to add collections section on the home page