SaaS (multitenant, user points own subdomain or main domain A record)

Orkhan Surkhayli

on behalf of "uzspace Official"
26/01/2022 - with super admin, the super admin can sell themes to admin, charge admin for how many products they can sell or how many customers they can have, a moderator that will have some privileges as super admin, admin can have its own SMTP, email template they can edit, plugins like live chat, affiliate, dark mode, custom css for design theme,
two types of affiliate
super admin affiliate to promote the platform
and admin affiliate so they can promote their product
27/01/2022 - admin can edit themes how they like, header menu, nav for mobile whatever is best, product categories and subcategories, create pages invoicing system, more plugins like integration with mailchimp or external email marketing app, admin will need to pay for each plugins they activate, blog (optional but will help for promoting or talking about a product ever platform has this ) media library so users can upload images and videos and they can get a link to use on their site.
in the demo.uvodo.com/admin/customers page ability to send email to a specific customer and to all (newsletter feature)
28/01/2022 - coupons system
you dont have to add all these features in one go we can start little by little I'm really excited to see how far it goes.
and i wish you best of luck with sales
if i come up with something else ill update,


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Hoffman Stéphane

Hello. When exactly come this plug-in? Will be great for a business like Shopify.


Ime UPG Ploiesti

Hello there! I hope the SaaS module will coming soon. I’m waiting to buy it.
Good job!



I'm Waiting for this to buy it


Med Mox

We’re Waiting for Saas!!!


Andreias Stefan

We’re Waiting for Saas module :)


Lam Lai




would really love to see this features too


Orkhan Surkhayli

Status changed to: Planned